Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One year (again)

It might be silly but July 23rd is an important day to me. This was the day that the boys official due date was one year ago. I know that their birth date is May 2nd and thats the true BIG deal. Still that date in July was something we dreamed about and held onto for many months of our pregnancy. Even when it became clear we would never get that far, that date stuck in my head and even now my heart. The boys doctors still look at the original due date as a way to determine if the boys are developing "on track" for these first two years. They call it their adjusted or corrected age for any one who doesn't speak "preemie".

So July 23rd the boys are officially one year again. I wanted to celebrate this, as silly as it might seem; make a cake, do something special but life gets in the way. And thats okay, because honestly looking back 15 months ago now to their arrival, every day I get to spend with them is special as it is!!! Another day and I'm reminded how blessed we are!!!!

Life is good!!! I LOVE how where ever one is playing, 
you can almost always find the other one right there too

They are VERY curious about each other
Its just one of my favorite things about this age
Its also a fancy way of saying
 they are in the stage of trying
to poke each others eyes out, and pull the others hair

and I love that a box can BE the toy!!!

I love watching them study each other

We get comments about how challenging it must be to raise
two at once. and it certainly has its moments. especially
the eye poking, hair pulling, toy stealing moments..
when neither is old enough to understand right from wrong just yet.
or when you're comforting one and the other wants you
right then and there and you can't explain it will just be a minute
and it will be their turn. Or when they are both trying to get
into every thing at the same time. 

BUT I LOVE LOVE that they have always had each other
and always will. I hope they grow up to be the best
of friends (at least most of the time)


Jill said...

It must be amazing to have twins. Stressful and busy, yes :) But like you said, I don't think even siblings can compare to having a twin. So awesome. Happy (corrected?) birthday boys!

Amanda said...

That's great to celebrate their 'other' birthday!
I can only imagine how challenging having twins is - and how rewarding!

Anonymous said...

I've gotta imagine the boys will be *totally* down with having a second birthday if it means they can get cake and presents more than once a year. ;-)

caryanne said...

Ahhh...the twin connection. It's my absolute favourite thing to watch these days. It's so cool.

MJ's Mommy said...

OMG I LOVE these pics...you truly captured their cuteness!!!!