Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We celebrated our boys first birthday this weekend. It started several days before the actual party. Mark really wanted to do something special for our boys. He decided months ago that he wanted us to make their first cake. Marks mom made all of the birthday cakes when he and his siblings were small and if she were still with us, I'm sure she would have loved to do it for the boys as well. It was in her honor that we tried our hand at it. We have never baked or decorated a cake before so this was a bit of a reach for us but we were determined.

I think we did okay....hopefully the boys will look back someday and appreciate it.

We were sooooo lucky to have a beautiful day, weather included so we brought the party outside....

boys were not sure what to make of the cake

but did enjoy getting their sweet little hands in it....

The little bit they had didn't stay put in thier bellies but I'm thinking next year will be a bigger hit!!

Presents, presents, presents. The boys were spoiled with clothes, toys......
Nicholas especially liked the paper and tags!!!

Can you read what Alex's shirt says??? sooo true!

Nicholas actually wasn't sleeping here but close to it,
both boys enjoyed cuddle time with family.

All in all it was just a fabulous day spent with family and friends and taking stock at how far
the boys have come in a year. We are so blessed!!!!!!

And here are a few of the boys just enjoying the fresh air and playing outside.

Just can't get enough of all of our baby blues!!!!

and here two little teeth are shared.....
Both boys are up to 5 teeth each now
both have the two on bottom and three on top
chomp, chomp!


Liz Keicher said...

Looks like it was a wonderful celebration!! The pics are the teeth!!!

Cassie said...

Happy Birthday Boys!!!

Leigh and Andy said...

Looks like a great party!! The boys are looking chunkier and chunkier with every picture!! I just love it! :) Happy Happy Birthday, Nicholas and Alex!!

Scasmflops said...

Happy Happy Birthday boys! A day to remember for sure

MJ's Mommy said...

The cake is BEAUTIFUL Holli...and oh all the pictures, you captured some memorable moments!!! Happy 1st Bday boys...XOXO