Friday, May 7, 2010

Medical update

We've had so much fun stuff going on that I have neglected to give just a general medical update on the boys and since several have asked, here are the highlights.....

You have probably noticed that in most if not all of the recent pics, Alex has been wireless!!! We are so thankful that he is keeping up his oxygen during the day and does not require any supplemental. We still do frequent checks and he wears the monitor during naps and at bed time. We were able to successfully wean him from the oxgyen during nap time several weeks ago but he still requires during deep sleep or his oxygen bounces back and forth to the 80's so he wears it every night. We are encouraged that he only needs it at night time and are hopeful that this means his lungs are continuing to heal. We take him for another chest xray and pulmonary appointment in a couple weeks and hope that maybe he won't require extra oxygen at night time soon. But as things go, we can definitely manage this. Alex might beg to differ as we struggle every night to put the tape on his face to hold the oxgyen in place so that his little fingers can't manage to "accidentally" put the prongs up on his forehead, or be chewed on by his new chompers. He definitely doesn't like the tape but he does love to play with the tubing any chance he gets (as does his brother).

Our medical appointments ebb and flow and during the next few weeks, its definitley flow time. We have upcoming appointments with nutrition, pulmonary, our 12 month pediatrician and shots, neurosurgery check up, ortho and spine xrays, kirch clinic (which is PT/OT, developmental pediatrician, urology all in the same day), dermatology, GI and audiology for a 12 month hearing check. Thats all just in the next four weeks. We are okay with all of this, just hopeful that all the appointments bring in positive news!!!

This Monday we are asking for prayers for Nicholas. He is having surgery (urology) that has been planned for months but now is suddenly before us. It is fairly minor, less than two hours in surgery and is outpatient. I shoudn't be so anxious about this. Out of everything the boys have already been through, this is way down on the list of worries. Together the boys have had a collective 6 surgeries in the last 12 months, this one making number 7. Nicholas is much older and bigger now so that makes me feel better in general. However I'm sure any parent understands having your baby go into any type of surgery and anesthesia brings with it some angst. I'll be happy to have one more behind us and hopefully only one more to go. (Alex also needs a much more in depth urological surgery, possibly two separate surgeries in the future but the urolgoist wants to plan this for more in the future).

Thats the big news for now. Because the best part of my posts are honestly just the babes themselves, here's a few to enjoy:

photos taken with my iphone (my camera has had another, ahem, accident which is unfortunately not been an uncommon occurence around my little ones in the last few months--my dad patiently tries to get it repaired each time but I am starting to wonder if I need a camera made out of indestructible rubber or something for the amount of times little hands find it and drop it on the hard wood floor and completely waterproof to guard against the all too familiar coffee and bottle spills.)

sporting some of their new duds....soooo handsome aren't they?

Nicholas loves hats, he will wear them inside the house and out
he even tries to take them off of his Daddy.

Alex however does not like hats
he won't usually keep one on even for a minute
maybe becasue he has to wear his helmet almost all day/night
he probably doesn't want anything on his sweet little head
for the little break time he gets of fresh air
he's warming up to the camera yet.......

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