Thursday, November 19, 2009

Too early for Christmas?

It has been another beautiful week. I hope saying that doesn't jinx it. The boys are fabulous. We had an appointment with their pediatrician this week and it was a great visit, nothing but positive news. Ofcourse for little tiny babies who began at just a pound and a half, we are always vigilant about their growth, probably obsessively so. They are obviously still quite a ways from being on the charts for their age, even for their adjusted age but they continue on their own curve and the doctor is pleased with this. We went over a few concerns, because frankly even when things are going well, we can always seem to find some questions or concerns we have but really everything is going well. I think this is one of the first appts. that we didn't have or learn about a new health issue, another test, or another medication....Is it too early for Christmas? This is really such a gift!!

Oh, okay sooooo, drum roll please..........

Nicholas broke the 10 pound mark!!!!! He is now 10 pounds, 3 ounces!!!! If that wasn't awesome enough, Alex is 11 pounds, 1 ounce. It just thrills us: DOUBLE DIGITS!!!! I think we cling to these numbers because its a concrete way of knowing that they really ARE doing well. Is it too early for Christmas?

Nicholas is his chatty self, giving us those filling up his whole face smiles and throaty giggles. Alex is giving us bigger grins and just starting to share his giggles with us too, its beautiful!!! They both reach out and touch our faces, grab at their toys, and follow us with their eyes wherever we are in the room. Its amazing that these two tiny beings have the capacity to make us feel like we are the entire world....and they certainly are ours. Amazing gifts!

Mark and I have both witnessed a number of times this week while Alex is napping, one of his legs extending and lifting completely off the floor, completely!!!! He's done it several times in a row so we are both sure we are not imagining it. He also seems to tense his legs and his butt at times during diaper changes and can flex his feet a little as well. We don't know what this means as far as the big picture, it doesn't really matter. This is the child that the "experts" warned us would likely be paralyzed from the waist down and maybe not even be able to move his upper body. God obviously has a different plan. Whatever comes of it in the future, we know we have been blessed!!!!

Recently we've even had a couple of nights here and there where we've gotten a six hour block of sleep. Oh to have some more of those, so I ask, is it too early for Christmas?

A couple weeks ago I received an unexpected gift in the mail. You know how nice it is to receive a card, even a hand written note in the mail these days? Really anything other than a bill or junk mail is pretty nice. Well, I got this package and when I opened it, it was wrapped in x-mas paper. I debated whether I was meant to open it yet or not, but then I figured if the sender knew me at all, they knew I couldn't possibly wait until Christmas before I opened it. So I did. They were the most beautiful hand made Christmas stockings I've ever seen. Even more precious were the names handcrafted in them: our sons with the date of their first Christmas. A most beautiful gift, I was so touched that someone had the thought to do this, let alone spend the time. My next thought was, is it too early to hang them? Is it ever really too early for Christmas?

Its funny that I'm feeling this way this year. Honestly in recent years I've been a little bah humbug around the holidays. It certainly is wayyyyy too commercialized and there is way too much time and stress spent on trying to have the perfect meal, figure out how you will manage to see everyone, where you will go, who you will invite to your house, find the perfect gifts, and not nearly enough time spent just being with our family and friends and letting them know what they mean to us. I really haven't looked forward to the holidays in quite some time.

Everyone says that it changes when you have kids. I just had no idea that I would feel this way already. The boys will certainly not understand yet that this will be a special time of year yet I'm already excited about having our first Christmas. After all of these years of dreaming, we finally have our family. What a blessing, what gifts we have been given. It sure already feels like Christmas to me!!!

Happy Nicholas
Sweet, serious Nicholas
Thoughtful Alex
Alex wondering how I like his new headband.....
Daddy and Alex sharing a laugh, just priceless!!!

Here are the boys first stockings. Thank you sooo much Debbie, we LOVE them. And the boys, well I'm sure they can't wait for us to fill them!!!

Their first ornament
Reads: "two peas in a pod"

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Erin said...

I am so happy for you and your family!! So glad to hear that the boys are doing awesome. Really, I look at the pictures of them several times over- so beautiful. In my opinion its never to early for Christmas and celebrating with family. I hope that your Christmas is a fabulous one ;-)