Thursday, October 22, 2009


Alex happy to be resting at home!!!!

Our family is back together again!!!! It feels like its been a very long week with worries and little sleep but as always, Our family (and prayers) have brought us through.

Alex is catching up on some rest and recovering from it all very well. He cries more often than we are used to and it breaks our hearts but he is pretty easily consoled with a little tylenol and holding. He has a new incision on the top of his head, a little closer to his forehead and a new one on the very back of his head vertically. (Mark would like to post pictures of these specifically but I am not so inclined--Ugh, boys, whatever will I do? ha,ha. )

Alex also has about an inch incision on his tummy above his belly button where they needed to position the tubing. He is not able to put pressure on the side of his head that used to be his bubble which means no tummy time for two weeks since thats the only way he tends to lay his head. We also can not do regular tub baths for two weeks since none of the incisions can get wet. Otherwise its business as usual :)

We have not yet noticed any changes in his drive or desire to feed, am hoping maybe that will still come. Neurosurgeon thinks it should have improved by now if it was fluid and pressure related but I'm well aware that all things related to our boys go far deeper than what "science" can explain.


Erin said...


I have been thinking about your family. I am glad to hear that Alex is at home and recovering well. I LOVE the pictures of him especially the one with his hands coming together. So cute.


cfallone said...

Hey Holli! I am so sorry I didn't know Alex was having his shunt surgery. I asked Erin tonight when he was having it and she said, "I think he already had it." I feel aweful! I should have been following your blog. I know how difficult it is to prepare yourself for that. I know post-op can be tough too. Please, please call me anytime! If you don't have my number, I will e-mail it to you. I would love to hear how you are doing or just be a person to talk to. Erin and I were talking about getting all the twins together after Alex feels better and your life slows up a bit.

You are in my prayers. And, again, I am so sorry I missed such a big event! Sounds like Alex pulled through like a champ. I remember Mia's shunt surgery like it was yesterday (it was Jan.).

I hope to talk to you soon.