Thursday, May 7, 2009

Boys have arrived

Where do I even begin? It has been quite a roller coaster ride and one that will likely continue for some time. Everything was calm for days last week and we were feeling very optimistic that we would be able to continue the pregnancy further and further. Last Friday, everything started to change quite quickly.

One of the routine monitoring sessions on Friday night did not look good at all, both boys heart rates were dipping at times and within a matter of minutes, they transferred me back to the more active labor and delivery unit. Adrenaline really kicked in when we got over there and the room was filled with doctors, nurses and even anesthesiologist. Everyone was trying to be calm and reassuring but their expressions did not match their words. I was put on oxygen, a newer IV was put in, more consents to be signed, etc. We really thought, this must be it. They whisked the mobile ultrasound unit in and looked at the boys positions, and for any other further evidence of distress, etc. Long story short the boys again looked just fine on the ultrasound and bio physical profile and heart rates were again stable.

I continued to have intermittent braxton hicks contractions, nothing that was bringing on labor or anything but Baby B still did not tolerate these well. They began giving me injections every six hours to try to calm these down and kept me on the monitors. Needless to say it was a VERY long night of constant monitoring and the "wait and see". Obviously the doctors wanted to avoid delivery if at all possible given how early we were but we knew the time was very near. Doctors said at this stage of the pregnancy, even every hour being kept in the womb was beneficial.

Obviously there was no sleep to be had again on this night as we kept our eyes glued to the monitors all night. By morning, things again were looking more stable and we were thinking maybe we could buy a few more days afterall. We continued the constant monitoring, the injections, etc. Things were so calm that my dad and Mark went home for a little while to get some more work done on the basement while my mom and sister and I passed the time watching TV, doing crosswords and knitting. By early afternoon, more docs and nurses were flooding the room again. They put the oxygen back on me and asked me to change positions several times while they watched the monitors. I knew it was serious again when they asked where my husband was and suggested that we call him back. I think my dad and Mark got there in warp speed. On the way to my room, they passed a rather large group of hospital staff dressed up in their fanciest blue scrubs talking and organizing. But by the time they arrived, the boys started to stabilize out again and the docs said they could not justify delivering this early if things were looking good again so we prayed that the roller coaster would calm and buy the boys more time.

The time that we bought unfortunately was only a couple more hours. Sometime after 4pm, Baby B was back to having numerous heart decelerations and it was happening more frequently and for longer periods of time. At this point the doctor wasn't willing to risk waiting any longer and within just a few minutes I was being wheeled down for surgery.

They started out trying an epidural and we waited for what seemed like forever, with the anesthesiologist repeatedly asking me "can you feel this, how about now?" And each time, I answered "yes". I thought it was odd when he asked me if what I was feeling was dull or sharp whenever he touched me, ummm even if what I was feeling was only "dull", that's still more than I wanted to feel when they are about to be using very pointy instruments. By this time, the stress of delivering my sons so early, and the thought of pending surgery, I have to say that I felt relieved when the team concluded that the spinal wasn't taking and I was given general anesthesia instead. I couldn't imagine having even one more minute to think and to worry.

On Saturday, May 2nd: Baby A--Nicholas Owen was born at 5:18pm weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces and his brother Baby B--Alexander Steven was born at 5:21pm weighing in at 1 pound, 10 ounces. We had to wait until about midnight before we could see them and it was the longest, yet most worthwhile wait in our lives. As scared as we are about their prognosis being born so small, we can't help but feel elated at becoming their parents. We are already so proud of just how strong they are, what fighters they have already shown themselves to be.


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amyzian said...

Hi Mark and Holli,
Just wanted to say hello and let you know I'm thinking about you both and the boys. Holli, I hope your first couple of days back home have been restful. I do know how you feel in terms of you being discharged and the boys staying in the hospital, as we had to do the same thing with Zach when he was in the NICU. Just remember that they're in the best possible care and right where they need to be for the time being. When they're finally able to come home, it'll be even more special! My family and I are continuing to send prayers. Continue to keep your strong faith.
Take Care,