Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We have a walker!

this video was taken just a week into Alex having the walker.

I take for granted that every one is on facebook these days so things don't get to our blog as readily as they used to. Some things don't get here at all, bad blogger! So for any of our family or friends who follow here, here it is. 

We have a walker!!!!

To think that there was a time that we almost didn't pursue this. The doctors, therapists all told us it would be cumbersome/heavy/sweaty and take A LOT of effort on Alex's part (and ALL of those things are true) but he LOVES it and as with everything else, Alex lets us know when he's ready and he defies our expectations every.single.time!!!

Thank you to our "Miss Patty" who decided almost immediately that we should try a walker after seeing him want to move around in his braces. We had NO idea what to expect but agreed, sure lets see what he wants to do with it.

Alex you are so sweetly shy, hesitant with new things, new people but when you figure out that you want something, watch out world! Your determination, your strength, your mile wide stubborn streak, they all make me love you more. I'm so unbelievably proud of you Alex!!!

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Mary Evelyn said...

This is so big and so encouraging for me to see!! We're kind of at the "probably won't happen" stage but this makes me feel like it's okay to keep a little piece of hope alive. Even if we don't get there, I'm so glad your little guy did. He looks great!