Thursday, November 24, 2011

Trick or Treat

We might be a little late on posting
but trust me, these pictures are all TREATS.....
Boys: hmmm whats in here?

 Alex: yuck!

 Nicholas: lets just put that right back on
Decorating their room for Halloween
(thank you Grandma and Papa
for the stickers---which by the way
is Nicholas' new favorite word)

The boys also loved helping decorate outside.
We even found some new "friends"
Alex: "Hi there" whats your name?"

Looks like you need some new shoes
Here, take mine.
I don't like to wear them anyway
Nicholas: Hey your just my size
 hmmmm. is it a little drafty here?
maybe you'd like to stand closer to the door?
next to the other guy maybe down......
okay lets try back over here

................back at the ranch...............

 Having a little pre-halloween fun

Alex: yep he's my brother
a little bit crazy.
Is it genetic?
no, why? do I look concerned?

Halloween at my Daddy's work:

Darth Vader (a.k.a Alex)
Let them guess who I am supposed to be
I don't want to wear the hat.
Alex: I am your father (ha,ha)
 don't worry
we don't take candy from guys like this usually.

 Mama says this is an exception
because the scary looking guy?
He's my dad.
(yep really, he even won a contest and everything)
 Yoda: Is this all the candy then?
okay I'm outta here!

   Halloween Night:

Alex was very anti-picture this day.

Here we are with all of our friends

I think some people gave my daddy
some concerned looks....

 our first time trick or treating.
I didn't know what to expect

 Really? all you do is knock on peoples doors and they give you candy??
 Nicholas: WAIT where's winnie the pooh going?
 oh there's more candy?
wait for me
This is GREAT!!!!!!

 Best friends come in all shapes and sizes......
and species 

Nicholas struggling to carry his trick or treat bag its so heavy :)
 Alex not scared of his Daddy,
Collar and all :)

Happy Halloween!!!!!


Jill said...

Definitely all TREATS!! LOVE their Halloween costumes! Holy, if that crew of little cuties came to my door, I'd probably just dump my bowl of candy in their bags. Absolutely adorable! Love the pictures of you and the boys.

C. S. Beyer said...

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