Friday, August 19, 2011

Random cuteness

I have a running screen saver on my lap top that scrolls through random pictures of the boys. 
Throughout the day whatever I'm doing, I pause to look at it. 

Some pictures just stop me in my tracks.

Reminders of another place and time


how quickly time passes.....

how far we've come in two "short" years......

Alex sporting his nasal canula "headband"

 I take pictures all the time

I can't stop myself

the boys will be doing something cute or just looking cute

and I think where the heck is my camera?

I don't always get it in time, rarely these days since they are soooo busy
but I try

because I know some day I'm going to be thinking

"remember when?"

"and where is that picture of....."

so now I'm renewed to document more
even when my brain doesn't seem willing to really put a "real" blog together.
at least try to get more of the pictures up. 

who really needs more than just the cute pictures anyway?

Potato chips for the first time
at Daddy's company picnic 

Alex sniffing it first

our future's so bright
gotta wear shades.......

 hamming it up with friends
 and family.....

 Boys LOVED their time with Aunt Paula

A rare "still" Nicholas
it helped that he was belted in :)

most pictures these days are blurry Nicholas,
running off to do the next thing or hanging on his Mama
trying to see into the camera
so this beautiful picture is a gift indeed!

favorite thing right now:

Not TOO proud of yourself, are ya buddy?

Alex doing his favorite thing right now:
dancing :)

Fly me to the moon.....

 Because we are easily entertained.....

 coming to get YOU....

and some self portraits of Mama and boys.
I prefer to be BEHIND the camera

but I understand some day you might just want these


Joanna said...

Too cute! :) I love random cuteness. Those baby pictures just brought tears to my eyes. Look how far they've come!! Oh they grow so fast. But what a blessing growing is. :) Much love!

JB said...

Didn't look like they enjoyed sharing the spotlight with you Holli :) Adorable, thank you for sharing! They are non-stop, aren't they?

Mike and Kelly said...

Holli thank you for always such kind comments on my blog. Your boys are adorable! What an inspiration! I'm getting that NICU graduation outfit immediately! I love it!