Monday, July 4, 2011

new neighbors

Double trouble 

times TWO

and their big brother Christopher

These are our new neighbors Benjamin and Matthew
 They are the same age as our boys. 

In our new neighborhood of about a dozen houses,
what are the chances that there are another set of not just twins
but twin boys
and not just twin boys
but TWO Year old twin boys?
born just a month before our own.

Yep, God works in beautiful ways!!!!

Here's their momma Amy

and their Daddy Dan
 Yep thats actually one of our kids with Dan.
Alex is already in love.
Dan has already moved into second place
after Daddy ofcourse
but hehem, before needing his Momma
(we'll talk about that later Alexander!)

Here we are at the boys first parade.
and they did pretty well.

 just relaxing

 and snacking (ofcourse)

Nicholas truly kicking back
what a ham

then some of the sirens started.....

 and we were not too sure about those

 every one needed just a little bit of love
 which is just fine with us!

 Thank you to our new neighbors
for already making us feel totally at home!!!!!!!!


Twin Dude Mama said...

I have 13 month old twin boys (12 adjusted) and my neighbor 3 doors down has 8 month old twin boys. I always say what are the chances! Unfortunately, they're moving away this week :(

Speaking of chances, across the street from them (still about 3 doors down from us) are 8 month old B/G twins. Wonder never cease. I don't believe it has anything do with God, just dumb luck!

Paula Johns said...

Holli I was at the parade too!!! I was having breakfast with friends at Riki's and watched the parade after! Judging by the pictures you were about a block away from me!! :)

Joanna said...

SO NEAT! That sounds adorable... and exhausting!! lol. No seriously - how wonderful for your boys to have the perfect playmates (outside of each other of course). I would LOVE for Jet to have some kids his age next door to play with. What a blessing. :)

Jill said...

How awesome!! That's really just so awesome to have a family like that right there! New besties in the making.

Randolph Coleson said...

One could just imagine how surprised you really got when you saw your new neighbors. What were the chances! But yeah, this might be something more than just a coincidence! Yep, new buds in the making indeed. When did they move into their new house?