Saturday, June 12, 2010


We've been told that we have been slacking a little on updates
 so we wanted to stop in a minute and say hello. 

but just for a minute.....

because we are on the go, go, go.....

you don't mind if I do a little yoga while we're catching up, do you?

I usually do these before and after naps. 
Oh and sometimes during the time I"m supposed to be napping too. 
gotta stay limber.
I've been pulling myself straight up on the stairs and one of the living room chairs too.

My mommy hasn't gotten a good picture of this though.
She's too busy with one hand on her mouth and the other near me.

and centered. ummmmmmmmm
I'm concentrating, its not as easy as it looks getting both of these 
hands together AND have them make a noise.
I practice a lot.

well, we can make a little time for a quick cuddle but only if we are standing

My brother is busy as ever too.
He's working sooo hard on sitting and he really likes it

well, except when he falls but mommy doesn't take pictures of those....

He likes to check out all the places I like, like the front door. 
He's getting really strong too, look at those push ups!!!

Other times he likes to hang out with our Daddy.
They laugh a lot and Mommy says that he is definitely a Daddy's boy.

I hang out with my mom a lot
you know, to keep her out of trouble...

I "found" the toy box here and emptied it all out so we could see everything.

Mommy and Daddy think we have a lot of toys but 
there are still a couple of spots on the floor that are empty sooooo......

We really like being outside too. We especially love to watch the cars and trucks go by.

I also love wearing my hats. I am super cool
I don't even mind when it goes over my eyes.

Alex doesn't agree

As soon as Mommy puts it on

He just as quickly pulls it off

He even tries to help me get mine off.

He's pretty cool as far as brothers go....

Not only does he get to wear a really cool "hat" but now he's got
a cool design on his eye too. 

I try to borrow it from him but mommy doesn't like that.
Alex doesn't like it so much when I try to grab it either.

thats okay, I still like him
and either way Mommy says we have to keep him
...or maybe thats what she says to him about me. huh.

well anyway, I have to go but Mommy says I should mention that Alex went all night without needing extra oxygen lastnight. This is the first time in over three months he hasn't needed it so its a pretty big deal. She hopes that he won't need it at all from now on but they have to pay close attention to the oxygen machine for the next few nights to make sure he is doing okay without it. He'll be having an official over night oxygen study in a couple of days to be sure.

She also says that we have a busy week coming up. Alex will be seeing his orthopedic doctor and getting some xrays of his spine and hips. He will also be going to a special clinic where lots of doctors will be checking in on him to see how well he is doing. Mommy says he will be having bladder and kidney scans and will see his urologist, developmental pediatrician and therapists all in one day and that Alex will probably be very tired but hopefully it will all be good news. She says she will be sure to write a note to let everyone know at the end of the week how it all goes. ohhhhhhh, the kitty cat....gotta go....bye!!!


Adrienne, Scott, Hanna and Hayden Trigg said...
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Adrienne, Scott, Hanna and Hayden Trigg said...

Sweet post. I couldn't tell which boy has SB, but I figure the patch gave him away because my Hayden had to wear one for 4 months. Your boys look great!

cfallone said...

Very cute Nicholas. You certainly take after your mother in the language arts department. Tell, mom I said I can't wait to read about your brother's appoitments and what you will do next!