Friday, April 23, 2010


Sorry its been so long since an update. The last couple of weeks have brought many changes in our house. We are busy celebrating every single milestone (big and little) and quite a number of them have happened just in the last two weeks!

First off.........we have.............
can you make them out? little itty bitty but very sharp TEETH!!!! If you zoom in you can make out Nicholas's

Alex is rarely caught on camera with a wide open smile so even though you can't see his chompers, I still had to post this gorgeous pic. Actually Alex has FOUR teeth in less than two weeks and Nicholas is working on number three. Our little munchkins have been a little fussier and needier these last couple weeks while they have been cutting these pearly whites but a part of me is just enjoying a little extra cuddly time when I can too!!! Something about seeing my baby boys with big boy teeth is pulling at my heart strings, a reminder that my babies are growing up. Which is a very good thing but also bittersweet because really, where is the time going??

In other big news.........

                                                                  we are on the move.......

Nicholas is scooting EVERYWHERE and he has finally figured out how to go forward. Even though mom and dad got a kick out of watching him go backwards.....

He is just now figuring out how to get his knees underneath him too and he looks so darn cute, doesn't he?
If we thought we were busy before, HA, HA!!!

Just in case he hasn't been busy enough, He has also learned how to sit like a big boy!

Alex however is not to be outdone. In one week he has learned how to roll from his back to belly which uses a ton of strength from his upper body and just yesterday he ended up rolling consecutively over and over to get to the dining room. I just stared open mouthed as I witnessed it (and ofcourse didn't think about grabbing a video until after I closed my mouth and then had the slap yourself up the head moment). 

Mark and I are already finding ourselves saying things like "hold on Alex, don't roll over yet" or while we are changing his diaper or clothes and we look at each other and smile because we just love that we have to say that to him now!!!

Here is though about to roll himself up in a blanket tortilla, so adorable.
We had so many beautiful blankets made for the boys and we love them all,
we just keep circulating through and enjoying each one!!! 
This one was adorable, thank you again Desiree,
the boys LOVE them!!!

oh and do you see what he was trying to hide on his shirt? ha,ha
yeah, this is one of those that BOTH the boys wear :)

P.S. We have since gotten a couple of videos of the boys showing off their new skills 
so we will post these soon

We have been enjoying getting outside whenever the weather permits.

something about the sunshine and fresh air after a winter of being cooped up

I love how the boys eyes sparkle

and I just wonder what goes through their minds as they take all the newness in....

Here's a few just hanging around the house.....
There is something about a toy that always looks more appealing
when someone else is playing with it....

they both roll around and try to get at the cords
before mommy has a chance to stop them.
they are getting quicker......

I love more and more how they just look to find each other
or watch what the other is doing.....

it just makes my heart happy

and now that they are both more mobile, I love how 
they are content to just find their way next to the other

Best buddies already!!!

No posing
Nicholas honestly just rolled over 
right along side his brother


Pam said...

They are so sweet! :)

Dill Family said...

What FUN millstones! I too miss Jonathans gummy grin, but teeth are pretty cute too, lol:) Your boys are both doing SO Well!

Stephanie said...

Your boys make me smile! Thanks for the update!

MJ's Mommy said...

OMG could those pics be any cuter, I love each and every one of them ;) So fun watching them grow and learn, one of the many joys of being a mommmy...enjoy!

Amnada said...

I love the rolling into another room! So cute! I guess they will get where they want to go.

Leigh and Andy said...

Alex kills me with his serious face. I know that he has a great big smile hiding under there, and the second the camera clicks he is probably laughing away!! Little stinker! :) I can't believe how big the boys are getting, they are both doing so great! Thanks for the update!!!

Jennifer said...

They are sooo cute!! Love the little teeth!