Thursday, February 18, 2010

More favorite faces!

Just couldn't resist sharing these. 

Mirror Mirror
Nicholas trying out some faces.....

his innocent face

I think this is supposed to be his serious face,
yet I can't help but laugh..

his happy face

his silly face!

and I love this one "mom, another photo, really? can't you see I'm busy?"

and here are some sweet ones of Alex and his hands, 
which are never far from his mouth these days

mmm, yummy

uh, I'm sure I can fit both of these in here if I just try hard enough


Jennifer said...

so precious!!

Anonymous said...

Holli and Mark, I want you to know that I think of you often and the joys and struggles you are going through. Your faith is unbelievable. I miss seeing you in Church, but please know all of us are thinking about you and praying for you. May God Bless. Jean Constantine