Thursday, July 30, 2009

Photos, photos, photos

This has been such a busy week that we just couldn’t wait until the weekend to update.

This is Alex sleeping peacefully but wait…..isn’t something missing? yep, no more oxygen!!!!! They took him off of it a couple of days ago and he is doing wonderful!!!!!! One less tube covering up his sweet face, we love it!!!!


We have lots of company this week but we are sad for the reasons. Here’s Aunt Susan with Alex. We will miss her lots while she goes to work overseas but we plan to trade lots of pictures back and forth and wish her safe travels!!!!


Aunt Paula is enjoying first cuddle time with Alex. We will miss her lots as well as she leaves for College at Northern Arizona!!!


Nurse Donna showing Mommy how to bathe Nicholas for the first time. (we’ve been doing sponge baths only up until now). Nicholas didn’t seem so sure at first but he never cried and seemed to really like the warm water.

Alex was given a full bath a couple of days ago and mommy and daddy were sad to miss this. We are told that he loved it though and we look forward to giving him another bath soon!!!

004 011

He especially liked getting his back washed, ofcourse who doesn't?

015 014

Just a sweet picture, Alex sure loves his Daddy!!!


We FINALLY caught the boys awake at the very same time and took the opportunity to grab some photos!!!! (Alex is on left here, Nicholas on right)031 035

Boys are wide awake!!!!! Nicholas is on the left, Alex on the right .040 041



Maga said...

Saudações de Lisboa-Portugal

Lee Family said...

Absolutely precious!

helen wind said...

They are so precious and cute!!!